Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory

Department of Radiation Oncology



Jan Bussink - full professor

Jan Bussink is a Radiation Oncologist and the head of the Laboratory for Experimental Radiotherapy and Principal Investigator for several research projects investigating tumor microenvironmental properties involved in radioresistance such as for instance tumor cell hypoxia with radiotherapy. He is involved in several international collaborations.

The lab is committed to investigate resistance to radiotherapy in which hypoxia is involved. The research has a strong translational character and is directed towards Head and Neck Cancer, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer and breast cancer.

Current topics are focused on: analyzing EGFR signaling related to radiation resistance (PI3-K/AKT pathway related to tumor vasculature, proliferation and hypoxia involvement)non-invasive imaging of the tumor microenvironment (vasculature, hypoxia, proliferation and the EGFR) and assessment of endogenous markers related to tumor cell metabolism (lactate, monocarboxylate transporters etc).
Clinical studies focus on the treatment of lung cancer and more specifically on early response measurement.

Personal prizes & awards national & international

  • 2000: ESTRO Varian Millennium Research award 2000: 'Impact of hypoxia modification on the tumor microenvironment'
  • 1993: Awarded by the Dutch Society for Radiation Oncology (first price): 'DNA & chromosome damage repair kinetics and survival of irradiated chinese hamster cells after synchronization'
  • 1991-1992: Fellowship Dutch Cancer Society, training in MD Anderson Cancer Center