Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory

Department of Radiation Oncology





  • Radboud university medical center, Dept. of Radiology: Prof. dr. A. Heerschap

  • Radboud university medical center, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine: Prof. dr. O.C. Boerman

  • University of Maastricht, Dept. of Experimental Radiation Oncology: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
    Hypoxic cytotoxins


  • University of Aarhus: M. Busk
    Comparison of AZA PET and IHC

  • University of Oslo: D.R. Olsen & K. Roe
    Comparison of hypoxia/perfusion imaging with functional MRI

  • University of Oxford: Dr. E.J. Bernhard
    Mechanisms that contribute to radiation survival of tumour cells

  • University of Hamburg/Technische Universitat Dresden: Prof. dr. M. Baumann
    Molecular targeting of tumors during irradiation

  • University of Auckland (NZ): Prof. W. Wilson
    Enhancing tumour hypoxia for therapeutic gain

  • University of Chicago: Prof. G. Karczmar
    High spectral and spatial resolution MR imaging, co-registration with tissue sections, EPR hypoxia imaging

  • University of North Carolina, Dept. Radiation Oncology: Prof. J.A. Raleigh
    Hypoxic cell markers

  • Ontario Cancer Institut: Prof. dr. B. Wouters
    Molecular basis of signalling pathways that influence tumor response

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, Texas): P.M. Medin
    Tolerance of pig spinal cord for radiosurgery

  • University of Wisconsin: D.L. Wheeler & P.M. Harari
    EGFR & IGFR blockers