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News at the ROI Laboratory

2021-11-29  -  Villa Joep Research Grant for Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology (ROI) lab


Renske van den Bijgaart and Gosse Adema from the Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology (ROI) laboratorium (Department of Radiation Oncology) in collaboration with the Prinses Maxima Center (Peter Hoogerbrugge) received a grant from Villa Joep (410 kEuro) entitled “Bifunctional anti-GD2 antibodies co-targeting innate immune checkpoints to improve immunotherapy of Neuroblastoma”. In this grant the ROI research team will develop novel bifunctional mAb formats that target the GD2 tumor-associated antigen on Neuroblastoma (NBL) and locally activate the immune system.

2020-09-21  -  Award for one of our students


On September 18th, one of our students, Effrosyni Tsouri, was awarded the MSc. Molecular Mechanisms of Disease “Best Poster Award”, following the presentation of her first scientific poster. On the poster, she discussed the results of her internship at the department of Radiotherapy and Oncoimmunology.

2020-02-03  -  Travel award for Pieter Roelofs


Pieter Roelofs received a travel award at the Deaminet 2020 conference in Palm Springs.

2019-04-10  -  Our Radboud Oncologie Fonds ROI project has been awarded


Recently, "Bergh in het Zadel" awarded the Radboud Oncologie Fonds ROI project: "The effect of radiotherapy on immune cell landscape" with over 300.000 euro, thereby financing the full project.