Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory

Department of Radiation Oncology



Kim Santegoets - Postdoc

Currently I am working as a Postdoc in the Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory (ROI) in the Radboud UMC. My research focuses on the role of sialic acid sugars and their receptors in tumor immune evasion. I want to translate findings from mouse studies to patients, with a specific interest in primary brain tumors (glioma).

I performed my PhD about inflammation control in rheumatoid arthritis in the department of Rheumatology in the Radboud UMC (1st half) and in the Laboratory of Translational Immunology in the UMC Utrecht (2nd half). After finishing my PhD I continued working in the Laboratory of Translational Immunology investigating predictive biomarkers for successful cessation of anti-TNF treatment in rheumatoid arthritis patients.