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News at the ROI Laboratory

2018-07-10  -  Early Career Investigator Award for Eva-Leonne Göttgens


Eva-Leonne Göttgens, PhD student at the Radiotherapy and OncoImmunology laboratory (ROI), has received an Early Career Investigator Award during the annual meeting of the Association for Radiation Research 2018 in Belfast. She presented the results of her collaboration with the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology and the ROI laboratory, which included new radiosensitising treatment strategies for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

2018-07-10  -  Jeroen Slaats received the AIO award


At the Annual Dutch Tumor Immunology Meeting 2018, Jeroen Slaats, theme Cancer development and immune defense, received the AIO award for his presentation: “Tumor immune escape: Releasing the handcuffs from cytotoxic T cells”. The award includes a €500 travel grant.

2018-04-20  -  Annual evaluation ROI Laboratory


On Monday April 9th 2018, the Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology laboratory held their annual evaluation in Groesbeek. Guest speaker was prof. Rob Coppes from Groningen, who held a presentation on "organoids and tumoroids".

2017-12-06  -  Symposium "Radiotherapie meets Immunology"


After a meet-the-expert session with Simon Dovedi (Cambridge) the day before, the opening symposium of the new Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology lab has taken place on Friday December 1st. Speakers from the USA, France, the UK and the Netherlands gave an impressive overview of the state of affairs in radio- and immuno- combination therapy. With this, the new laboratory of the department of Radiation Oncology of the Radboudumc is now officially open. See more